Environmental Data Analysis

Good management of environmental data satisfy increasing regulatory requirement for environmental KPIs disclosure. Great management of your environmental data could enable participation in sustainability initiatives such as Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). It also helps assess your operational cost and efficiency, minimizes environmental and compliance risks, and further strengthens your sustainability strategy.

We perform comprehensive analysis on the environmental data provided to us applying selected key performance indicators. We aim at utilizing accurate data to address major issues and to advise appropriate measures. The data will also be used in setting a baseline for future comparisons.

Manage your environmental data, including your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, via our top-of-the-line TrackESG™ platform.


Total Energy Management Solutions (TEMS)

CKP’s Total Energy Management Solutions (TEMS) will develop and maintain effective monitoring, reporting and management strategies for wise energy use

Carbon Audit

By accessing your impacts on climate change, you help satisfy your customers and other stakeholders demand for increased transparency and inform a carbon management strategy

Waste Management

Our Waste Management program will help you understand your waste profile and tackle your waste at source


It is the easiest environmental and social data management platform to capture, analyze and disclose critical ESG performance indicators