Sustainability Risk Assessment

Sustainability risks are growing and are often more challenging to quantify than traditional risks. They include rising cost of energy, increasing regulations and compliance requirement, or heightening risks of reputational damages. It is therefore essential to operate a Group-wide sustainability risk framework to identify and address sustainability risks and material issues.


Our professional services strive to mitigate your sustainability risks, build your resilience, maintain your bottom line, and encourage continuous corporate growth. Through engaging stakeholders, benchmarking against industry players and evaluating your existing policies and practices, CKP will identify your material sustainability issues, as well as potential environmental and social risks. Our experienced consultants will also suggest effective and feasible mitigation measures and consolidated action plans that reflect and echo with your sustainability strategy.


By managing your sustainability issues, you enhance your resilience to operate in different business markets and environments. By mitigating environmental and social risks, you organization, operations, and stakeholders will all be protected and benefited from a more efficient and resilient operations.