ESG / Sustainability Reporting

After announcing the latest ESG Reporting Guide (Main Board Appendix 27 or GEM Board Appendix 20) to guide public companies in disclosing their ESG performances in 2012, the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) has upgraded the ESG reporting requirement from “voluntary” to “comply or explain” with material environmental key performance indicators (KPI) as mandatory, effective from financial year of January 2017. All listed companies in Hong Kong are therefore required to produce and issue an annual ESG Report to fulfill the new HKEx requirements, or a detailed explanation for not issuing the Report to HKEx.


ESG reporting and other similar voluntary disclosure practices have been adopted in many private and listed companies worldwide. While many formats have been utilized to describe environmental and social performances, Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) standard has become the most prominent reporting standard.

We understand that listed companies tend to have a few common challenges when they begin their ESG reporting process. Some companies might not have a solid direction or professional talents on reporting ESG-related aspects, policies and indicators, as well as the lack of related monitoring platform and effective data collection.

The benefits of our sustainability consulting services include:

  • Compliance and disclosure
  • Operational cost control
  • Corporate sustainability competitive landscape identification
  • Risk assessment and management