Service Flow

Proposal Consultation & Kick-off Meeting
We consult one-on-one to understand each clients' requirement and specifications on each project. We work closely with our clients' team and it all starts with a kick-off meeting.

Operations / Site Visits
We tend to visit our clients' most material operations and/or sites. It gives us insights on the actual operations of our clients and allows us to give concrete suggestions on improving performance.

Data Collection
We collaborate closely with our client and their teams to gather data from multiple departments and operational sites. Our TrackESG™ system significantly helps with data collection from complicated and diverse sites.

Stakeholder Engagement
We identify and engage multiple stakeholder groups through customized surveys, interviews, focus groups and more. For details, please see our stakeholder engagement service.

Data Analysis
Environmental and social data are analyzed and displayed transparently for audience's easy read. All data also comply with their corresponding KPI requirements.

Report Generation
We pride ourselves for our unique approaches to report generation for each and every one of our clients. We believe that each client and their operations is special in some way, shape or form, and their sustainability reports should reflect that.