Training & Education

CKP training and education program ensures that personnel working for or on behalf of each company are familiar with relevant sustainability factors and have the skills to manage and implement changes within their organisation. Over the years, we have partnered with various listed and private companies in offering training and education program that are customised to their needs and requirements.

Our signature training program offered to the English Schools Foundation, was to teach and assist their students in creating an organisation-wide sustainability strategy, and implementing it at each of their 22 respective schools. It teaches students basic sustainability concepts, real life consulting processes, stakeholder engagement, public speaking and debating skills, presentation skills and more. The program was well received by all stakeholders, including the students, teachers and staff, parents, and community. 

We also offer sustainable procurement training for procurement staff to understand the basic of sustainable procurement, creating a procurement strategy and implementing the strategy within their daily operations. 

If you have a specific project or concept in mind, please feel free to Contact Us.