CKP Sustainability Consultants (CKP) is a professional service provider of corporate sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) consultancy in Hong Kong. Comprised of passionate individuals with diverse backgrounds, CKP stands proudly to offer holistic and global insights in various sectors and industries.

CKP collaborates closely with its clients to establish common understanding, exchange useful information, and together pursue and enjoy satisfactory results. Our deliverables ensure that our clients can advance towards corporate sustainability strategically, responsibly and efficiently. With a one-stop monitoring platform, effective stakeholder engagements, sustainability-related data analysis, we help you develop and implement holistic sustainability strategies to achieve responsible operations. We are committed to providing a full picture of corporate sustainability standing, including industry practices and sustainability risk, for you as corporate leaders to make better business decisions with sustainability in mind.

Sustainability Consulting

Sustainability is a long-term strategy for corporations and we professionally assist our clients in incorporating sustainability into their strategic planning.

Environmental Data Analysis

Our professional team analyses and manages multiple aspects of your environmental performance, including energy, carbon and waste.

ESG / Sustainability Reporting

CKP specializes in ESG and Sustainability Reporting, using the latest Stock Exchange (HKEx) ESG Reporting Guide.