Track your sustainability data with our cloud database: TrackESG®

CKP proudly presents our own online sustainability database. With super easy data input of your monthly energy and resource usage, you can monitor the total emission and resource data from your operations with just one click.

It is the easiest environmental and social data management platform to capture, analyze and disclose critical ESG performance indicators. It is a cloud-based solution that provides a simple and secure approach to ensure compliance and data accuracy, all in one integrated platform. This user-friendly and customizable online platform will increase credibility to your ESG report while streamlining your reporting process. TrackESG's sustainability performance analysis tool measures and analyzes an organization's complete carbon footprint, in accordance with ISO 14064 (GHG Emissions Inventories and Verification).

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User-friendly tool that can be accessed by unlimited users and facilities across the entire company


Increases transparency and accountability to foster a culture of trust


Understands an organization's complete sustainability performance


Compares data against baseline performance and industry


Reduces costs from administration, IT resources, risks and complexity


Manages complex collaborations automatically


Generates in-depth KPI performance report with one-click


Enhances data accuracy and reliability, while reduce human error