Sustainability Consulting

We provide professional corporate sustainability consulting services to all sectors and industries.

CKP Sustainability Consultants is a professional corporate sustainability and ESG consultancy.

Latest Update

HKEx published its most recent ESG Guide Consultation Conclusions and its ESG Disclosure Review Findings in December 2019.

General Changes Adopted
Introduction of Mandatory Disclosure Requirements
Changes on Environmental Aspects Disclosure
Changes on Social Aspects Disclosure

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What we can do for you

Sustainability Solutions

Sustainability is a long-term strategy for corporations and we professionally assist our clients in incorporating sustainability into their strategic planning.

Data Analysis

Our professional team analyzes and manages multiple aspects of your environmental performance, including energy, carbon and waste.

ESG Reportinig

We specialize in ESG and Sustainability Reporting, with reference to the latest Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listing Rules Appendix 27 (or Growth Enterprise Market Appendix 20) ESG Reporting Guide.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is a tool to identify and review stakeholders’ expectations and satisfaction.

Materiality Assessment

Via stakeholder engagement, we examine and evaluate material aspects and indicators.

SDG Mapping

We help incorporate the SDGs into corporate strategy to better align with global sustainable development.

Sustainability Strategy

We develop customized sustainability strategies that create positive economic, environmental and social impact.

Energy Solutions

We provide energy auditing service that specializes in minimizing energy consumption.

Climate Change

Understanding your carbon emissions is the first step in combating climate change.