Sustainability Consulting

Sustainability has different definitions, the one we like to define 'sustainability' is "the process of living within the limits of available physical, natural and social resources in ways that allow the living systems in which humans are embedded to thrive in perpetuity."

CKP takes a holistic approach in assisting organizations on their sustainability journey. Every company in every geographic region has unique sets of sustainability risks, challenges, and opportunities. Our experience in identifying and managing them gives us the ability to create a tailor-made sustainability strategy and reporting that will help your organization thrive in the present, and in the future.

Our service flow for a comprehensive sustainability program encompasses a strategy, a fully developed set of data, and an annual report that illustrate and highlight your journey.

Step 1 - Sustainability Strategy

We would identify the gaps between your existing operations and what is required/ recommended, and benchmark against your industry peers. We would then engage your stakeholders to understand their concerns and conduct a materiality assessment. We could also help to develop your company's sustainability strategy and offer customized solutions that would best fit your needs.

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Step 2 - Data Analysis

The next step is to understand your environmental and social impact through auditing and analysis. This step is highly important as we assess and evaluate your environmental and social KPIs to provide a concrete data set. This will help you understand and compare, and more importantly, to set targets.

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Step 3 - ESG Reporting

The final outcome of our annual sustainability consulting would always end with a tailor-made ESG report or sustainability report. This annual report would give your internal and external stakeholders a very clear picture of your current practices and future plans on maintaining the sustainability and prosperity of the company.

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