Total Energy Management Solutions (TEMS)

Whether it is to understand your energy usage, reduce and manage energy costs, or educate your staff or building occupants on sustainable practices, CKP’s Total Energy Management Solutions is your first step to achieving those goals.

CKP provides an energy audit service that specialises in minimising energy consumption. By incorporating your energy use profile and data into our analysis, we will generate reports with graphical illustrations about your energy usage. Our Total Energy Management Solutions includes an onsite audit, recommendations and continuous monitoring, such as site walkthroughs and utility tracking.


By managing energy use on an ongoing basis, organisations not only increase their bottom line, they also benefit the following parties:


Reduce energy costs — Enhance facility value and sustainability brand image.


Improve occupants’ comfort and well-being — Benchmark against other occupants or buildings.


Ensure your goals are on track — Improve operational efficiency and equipment reliability.


Reduce your carbon footprint — Reduce pollution from the generation of electricity.